16 упражнений. This is a large square s this a large square?

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This is a large square

Is this a large square?

This is not a large square.

I am a mechanic.

Am I a mechanic?

I am not a mechanic.

3) You are an engineer.

Are you an engineer?

You are not an engineer.

We were workers.

Were we workers?

We were not workers.

She was a teacher

Was she a teacher?

She was not a teacher.


We have mathematics today.

Do we have mathematics today?

We do not have mathematics today.

I have a sister.

Do I have a sister?

I do not have a sister.

3) My friend has English books.

Does my friend have English books?

My friend does not have English books.

They had friends in Moscow.

Did they have friends in Moscow?

They did not have friends in Moscow.