Тест В. Test B. Выберите верное высказывание.b) know what you are meaning. b) She is liking this music

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Test B


1) Выберите верное высказывание:

b) I know what you are meaning.

b) She is liking this music.

b) I am hating the heat.

2) Поставьте глагол в правильную форму:

a) The women that the girl at her yesterday evening.

b) He in Paris during his last years.

c) you ever caviar?

d) When you back?

e) By the time you home we everything for the party.

f) The room was empty but there was a smell of cigarettes. Somebody in the room.

g) Where is Mike? He his kit bag. Or, dear, isn’t he ready yet? He has been packing since the very morning and hadn’t finished packing it yet.


1) Выберите верную форму залога (active or passive):

a) The children football in the yard.

b) All my questions after classes.

c) The flowers in the evening.

d) The children new rules already.

2) Вставьте необходимый модальный глагол на месте пропуска:

a) I exactly express my thought.

b) It be so or be not.

c) We to stay with him.