22 упражнения. Переведите предложения на английский язык, употребляя активную лексику урока

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Фрагмент работы:

Переведите предложения на английский язык, употребляя активную лексику урока.

Please Ann, go to the blackboard. Please read the text #5. 2 Please find the note #7. Please read it. 3. Please give those pencils to Jane. 4. Take this book, open it please. 5. Please, look at this note. This is the ninth note. 6. Look at that map, please. 7. Tom, please come up to the door and close it please. 8 These are rooms. These rooms are clean. 9 That rooms are good. They are big and clean. 10. Please, give me a nice tie. 11. Is the fifth note long or short?-Its short. 12. Is this pencil or pen? 13. Is this room good or bad?- This is a good room.

Переведите на английский язык следующие предложения,

используя активную лексику урока:

Don’t close your books please. Please read the first text. 2. Please read the note #2 at home. Please, don’t do it now. 3. Don’t take this white cup from the table, please. 4. Please sit down. Please copy the text. 5. Who is he? – He is a teacher. 6. Who is your sister? - She is a student. 7. Who is this girl- She is a pupil. Her name is Jane. 8. Jane, go to the blackboard please. Don’t give me your copy book. Open the book and read the text number nine. Thank you. I put a good mark. (Your mark is good). Read the texts eight and nine at home. Now give me your copy book. Go to your seat. 9. Look at this pencil, please. What is the color of this pencil?- It is red (it is red). – What is the color of the copy book- it is yellow (it is yellow). – Is this copy book yours? – No, this is not her copy book.

обращая внимание на время глагола сказуемого:

What is your friend doing? – He reads the book at home. 2. Don’t enter please. Please close the door. 3. Please, look at the blackboard. What is your friend reading? What are they looking at? 5. What are you doing now? - We are reading the text.- What is the text you reading? –We reading the text #8. Look at! Bess and Ann are seating at the table. - What are they doing?- They are copying the text #8.

Переведите на английский язык

обращая внимание на употребление предлогов.

The words of the fourth lesson, the pages of that book, the new words of that lesson, three pieces of chalk, the color of this bag, the walls of our lecture hall, the Kiev’s workers.