Вариант 6: 7 заданий. Поставьте глаголы в личную форму (в вопросе замените. на you, my на your) at the restaurant

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Вариант 6

1. Поставьте глаголы в личную форму (в вопросе замените I на you, my на your).

1. I at the restaurant. 2. My mates to work at about ten. 3. We the restaurant-hall for receiving guests. 4. The waiter clean table-cloths on the tables, covers, cruet-sets, napkins and menu-cards on the table. 5. At twelve guests to dinner. 6. We guests till five. 7. From five to six we a dinner break. 8. We supper from six. 9. Guests a good time in the evening. They . 10. We our guests till midnight. 11. The waiter the cash money to the cashier, the dirty dishes away and home. 12. Mike every other day. 13. For dinner guests usually table d’hote dishes, for supper they a la carte and special dishes. 14. They the restaurant after midnight.

2. Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами.

1. This morning my breakfast is because I have very little time. 2. Sometimes I eat , bread and butter and drink a cup of or . 3. On my days out of breakfast is . 4. I prefer tea. 5. We serve our guests . 6. Do you like sandwiches? 7. I don’t care for tea. I prefer it . 8. I don’t eat bread. 9. Peter eats apples. Не doesn’t care for apples.