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The most important thing is that you really have to want to learn the language – without that, you won‘t get very far. You need to work hard, but at the same time you need to enjoy it and not get frustrated when you feel are not making much progress. You have to be realistic – learning a language takes time. Motivation is vital, you should really believe that you will be successful

Watch English Films and Television

This is not only a fun way to learn but it is also very effective. By watching English films (especially those with English subtitles) you can expand your vocabulary and hear the flow of speech from the actors. If you listen to the news you can also hear different accents.

Listen to English music

The best way to learn is to get the lyrics (words) to the songs you are listening to and try to read them as the artist sings. There are several good internet sites where one can find the words for most songs. This way you can practice your listening and reading at the same time. And if you like to sing, fine.

Study as Often as Possible!

Only by studying things like grammar and vocabulary and doing exercises, can you really improve your knowledge of any language.

Do Exercises and Take Tests

By completing exercises and taking tests you can really improve your English. Often, it is by comparing your score on a test you took yesterday with one you took a month or six months ago that you realize just how much you have learned. If you never test yourself, you will never know how much you are progressing.

Listen to English

Speak on the phone or listen to radio broadcasts, audiobooks or CDs in English. This is different than watching the television or films because you can‘t see the person that is speaking to you. Many learners of English say that speaking on the phone is one of the most difficult things that they do and the only way to improve is to practice.

Словарик к тексту

Important – важный

Vital - жизненный

Резюме текста

This text is about how to maximize our learning. The author gave us several rules which can be effective if you work hard and believe in success:

2. Тестовые задания

26. Вставьте соответствующий артикль: a, an, the или нулевой.

Is … sun really yellow?

46. Выберите правильную форму.

There … another solution to the problem.

a) are b) were c) seems to be

66. Переведите предложение.

The idea that was put forward by the managing director did not seem to be right.

Идея, выдвинутая управляющим, не казалась такой верной.

86. Образуйте формы сравнительной степени. Не забывайте добавлять необходимые слова.

Hamburgers … fish and chips. (- expensive)

106. Раскройте скобки, выбрав формы Present Simple или Present Progressive.

Can we stop walking soon? I … to feel tired.

126. Вставьте подходящий по смыслу модальный глагол.

… help my friends with this work now, so I can‘t go with you. a) is to b) had to c) have to.

146. Раскройте скобки, выбрав формы Past Simple или Past Progressive.

The computer … when I … my bank balance.

166. Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в подходящую по смыслу форму будущего времени.

I … at 9 tomorrow evening.

186. Выберите правильный вариант:

a) Have you ever visited Italy?

b) Did you ever visit Italy?

206. Раскройте скобки, поставьте глагол в подходящую по смыслу форму: Present Simple или Past Simple, Active или Passive.

Why Sue … from her job? Didn't she enjoy it?