Шифр 04. Studying at university

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Шифр 04 (задания 5, 25, 45, 65, 85, 105, 125, 145, 165, 185,205)

5. Выполните работу с текстом.

а). Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст.

б). Составьте словарик к тексту.

в). Сформулируйте основное содержание текста в нескольких предложениях.


(In England and Wales)

If you want to enter university, you must first pass examinations that most students take at the age of eighteen (called "A" levels). Most students take three "A" levels (three examinations in three different subjects) and they must do well in order to get a place at the university because the places are limited. Competition to get into one of Britain's universities is fierce. At the moment, approximately 30% of young adults go to university in Britain.

Until 1998, British students didn't have to pay for university. Now they must pay about