Контрольная работа 2, вариант 8

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Контрольная работа №2

Вариант 5

V. Выберите русское предложение, наиболее точно передающее содержание предъявленного.

16. The rise of the multinational corporations also resulted in increased accounting responsibilities, for it required exchange of foreign currency, keeping reports under different legal conditions, the adjustment of ownership and income reports in order to make less payments within various systems of taxes, tariffs and government control.


17. In the mid-19th century with the establishment of large public corporations owned by stockholders an administered by professional manages, the public demand for accurate financial reports and for government regulations greatly increased.

18 The Industrial Revolution and the development of trade required more complex financing system and further improvement of accounting techniques that had to be adequate to handle mechanization, factory-manufacturing operations and the mass production of goods and services.


VI. Выберите английское предложение, наиболее точно передающее содержание предъявленного.