Underline the correct tense. Подчеркните правильное время глагола. Ann sees Paul putting on his

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Контрольная работа № 2

I. Underline the correct tense.

Подчеркните правильное время глагола.

1. Ann sees Paul putting on his coat and says: ’’Where you Paul?’’ (Present Continuous)

2. Look at Charles! He a new haircut. (Present Perfect)

3. While I pictures someone stole my bag. (Past Continuous)

4. He a car since he was 18. (Present Perfect)

5. Look, it . (Present Indefinite)

6. They always their parents at Christmas. (Present Indefinite)

7. Look! The dog your ice-cream. (Present Continuous)

II. Complete the interview between a journalist and a famous rich person using the correct form (present simple or present continuous) of the verbs in brackets.

Заполните интервью между журналистом и известной состоятельной персоной, используя правильную форму (настоящее простое или настоящее длительное время) глагола в скобках.

A. How do you start your day?

B. I usually have breakfast in bed. I also ask my servant to bring me the daily papers.

A. And what time does the work begin?

B. What do you mean by work?

A. Are you working on a new TV programmed at the moment?

B.I like to make the occasional appearance, but I prefer to spend time with my horses.

A. How many horses do you own?

B.I have six horses but I usually only ride one or two of them.

A. People believe you lead a very exciting life. Is that true?

B. I feel my life is really quite ordinary. In fact, it is getting a bit monotonous at the moment.

A. I understand that you may be getting married……

B. Excuse me, but don’t record this interview

III. Ask questions about the statements.

Задайте вопросы к следующим утверждениям

1. They’re watching television.

What are they doing?

2. We went to New York last month.

Where did you go last month?

3. I’ve been twice in South America.

How many times have you been in South America?

4. This camera costs 10$

How much does this camera cost?

5. I’m going to wear an evening dress to the party tonight.

What are you going to wear to the party?

IV. Put a circle around the correct answer

Обведите кружком правильный ответ.

1. See you Monday morning.

2. books is/are interesting.

3. Somebody/anybody has/ have been here before us.

4. He felt yesterday than the day before.

5. I know at all.

6. Jack is of the three brothers.

7. Look, I to swim!

8. Jim tennis two times yesterday.