Шифр 66 . COLLEGES AND UNVERSTES N THE USA. n most countries of the world the standards or

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1. In most countries of the world the standards or requirements for higher education institutions are set by the government, usually through the ministry of education. In the United States, the Federal Government does not set such standards and only a few states undertake to do so. Here each state, under its constitution and statutes, has developed its own public colleges and universities. All of these institutions both public and private possess a high degree of autonomy in organizing and developing their educational programs. State agencies do not generally inspect the institutions.

2. A great variation among the institutions in the character and quality of their programs creates many problems in a country where the population moves from region to region. Many students while they are studying transfer from one institution to another, and after obtaining their bachelor’s degrees they scatter all over the Nation and to foreign countries for their education or for work in their chosen fields.