Сопоставьте первый английский текст с русским и определите способ перевода и условия для его выбора. Примените аналогичный способ перевода

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Упражнение 1: Сопоставьте первый английский текст с русским и определите способ перевода и условия для его выбора. Примените аналогичный способ перевода ко второму английскому тексту.

I. Marks & Spencer

Dear Sir: I have many items purchased at Marks & Spencer by my peripatetic businessman father, including some beautiful clothes and a fold-up umbrella. Ah, the umbrella! It has never broken, inverted, failed to open or been mislaid without being recognised as mine and returned to me. Having had it for about four years, I call that unusual life span a testimony to British ingenuity.

If Mrs. Thatcher ever decides to hand over the government to Marks & Spencer, I may emigrate and change my nationality. Or maybe we could import some M&S managers to run our government!

Barbara Pilvin Philadelphia

Упражнение 2: Переведите следующий текст посредством выборочного перевода, сохранив основное сообщение и опуская подробности.

In February 1987, the real thing happened. A star much larger and much hotter than our sun reached the end of its conventional life. In its core, hydrogen in quantities equal to about six times the mass of the sun had been converted to helium in hellish thermonuclear reactions. Helium in turn had fused into carbon and oxygen, which themselves fused into even heavier elements. Eventually the innermost section of the core, about half again as massive as the sun, was turned into almost pure iron. The star was running out of available reactions, and activity in the core slackened. Now the radiation pouring outward was no longer as strong as the gravitational force pulling inward; the star collapsed, falling inward on itself until it could give no more, and exploded, spewing radiation and most of its mass into space. For astronomers, the supernova (known as Supernova 1987A, or SN1987A for short) was — and is — the story of the century.

Упражнение З: Переведите следующий текст посредством функционального перевода, обращая внимание на возможности сокращения и упрощения выделенных исходных единиц.

Ancient Athenian navy yards kept careful lists of equipment for their trireme fleet. Those lists that survive revealed two different lengths of oar, 13 feet and 13 feet 10 inches, the shorter being used toward the narrow bow and stem of the vessel. Aristotle compared their splayed-out pattern to the fingers of thehand. From Athenian accounts it is clear that a trireme was not for positioning alongside other craft for boarding and capture, in the style of Hollywood sea battles. It was a fast seaborne missile, its ramming beak, reinforced with bronze, being used to hit other craft to hole and flood them. Triremes were day sailors and carried only a handful of soldiers (14 in all) with a partial deck canopy to shield the top oarsmen from sun and rain and from enemy javelins. Oarsmen customarily were free citizens. As the Greek historians Herodotus and Thucydides both relate, the Athenians and their allies, with a brilliant use of triremes, beat off the Persians at the Battle of Salamis in 480 ВС. If the Greeks had lost, many ideas of government, of philosophy, of culture taken for granted today would have died with them.

Упражнение 4: Следующий рекламный текст может быть преобразован в соответствии с вашими представлениями о характере русской рекламы. Примените функциональный перевод.

In England, you took in six palaces, three museums, and one big clock. Or was it three palaces, five museums, and two big clocks? In France, you dashed through two museums, eight cathedrals, and three two-star restaurants. Or maybe it was two three-star restaurants, no museums, and half of the cathedrals were in Germany.

By the time you hit Holland, your head was spinning faster than the windmills. And Italy was a total blur of statues, canals, coliseums, and one suspiciously leaning tower.

Too bad you didn't lean on the Sony Handycam™ Video 8® camcorder. All your confusion would have been straightened out. Its lightweight portability makes it easy to use no matter how fast you're travelling. Autofocus keeps you perfectly clear about every country. And high fidelity sound realistically completes the picture. Add the convenient zoom lens. An exclusive digital superimposer. And a universal AC adapter. Now, you've got Europe and the rest of the world in your palm.

The Sony Handycam.

It's everything you want to remember.

Упражнение 5: Следующий текст переведите на русский язык с учетом национально-культурных традиций получателей переводного текста, используя различные способы перевода в зависимости от характера той или иной части текста.

Devonshire Splits

1/2 oz. fresh yeast

1 teaspoon caster sugar

1/2 pint milk - warmed to blood heat

1 Ib. strong white flour

1 oz. caster sugar

1 teaspoon salt

2 oz. butter

Упражнение 6: Переведите следующий текст, придерживаясь принципов семантического способа перевода с элементами буквального перевода.

Координационный комитет по многостороннему экспортному контролю (КОКОМ) состоит из представителей всех стран НАТО (за исключением Исландии и вновь принятых стран) и создан для координации политики ограничения экспорта товаров, имеющих потенциальную стратегическую ценность, в бывший Советский Союз и некоторые другие страны. КОКОМ был образован в 1949 году и занимался не только рассмотрением вопросов передачи военных технологий для определения необходимости введения эмбарго, но также пытался предвосхитить "конечное использование" продукции, произведенной для гражданских целей, например ЭВМ и транзисторов. В силу ряда причин, в частности из-за распада СССР, а также с целью оказания поддержки экономическим и политическим реформам в России и в новых независимых государствах, в 1993 году США и их партнеры по КОКОМ договорились о прекращении режима "холодной войны", начиная с 31 марта 1994, и о подготовке к заключению нового соглашения, а также о введении дополнительных ограничений на экспорт обычных вооружении и сложных технологий в страны, чья политика вызывает серьезные опасения, и в потенциально нестабильные регионы. Существующие списки товаров и технологий, в отношении которых введены экспортные ограничения, сохраняются и после 31 марта до тех пор, пока не будут заключены новые соглашения.

Coordinating Committee of East West Trade Policy (COCOM) includes the representatives of all NATO countries (except Island and recently admitted countries) and is created for coordinating restrictive policy of goods with potential strategy value exporting into former Soviet Union and some other countries. COCOM was founded in 1949 and was engaged into not only problems of war technology transfer, directed to define if the embargo is necessary to put into operation, but also it tried to anticipate “the final usage” of the production manufactured for civil purpose, for example computers and transistors. For many reasons, in particular because of USSR breakup and for support of economical and political reforms in Russia and new independent counties, in 1993 USA and their COCOM partners came to an agreement of “Cold War” stopping, beginning from March 31 1994 and of new agreement preparation, and of additional export restrictions for usual and complex armory technology into countries where policy causes serious apprehension and potentially unstable regions. The existing product and technology lists of export restrictions are in operation after March 31 until the new agreements will be concluded.