Вариант 4. Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык. Обратите внимание на времена английского глагола

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Билет № 4

Задание I. Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык. Обратите внимание на времена английского глагола, неличные формы глагола (причастие I, II, инфинитив).

The delivery has just now arrived.

Поставленный товар только что прибыл.

In a situation of full employment, the supply of most goods and services will be inelastic.

В случае полной занятости, поставка большинства товаров и оказание услуг будет негибкой.

In order to create a supply of loans, people with the necessary financial resources have to be persuaded to loan.

С целью создания системы предоставления ссуд, людей с необходимыми финансовыми источниками необходимо убедить в выгодности этого дела.

The persons forming a company are required to submit several documents to the Registrar of Companies.

От людей, создающих компанию требуется утверждение некоторых документов бюро регистрации акционерных компаний.

Loan capital is more appropriate to firms operating in stable markets.

Заемный капитал является более подходящим для фирм, работающих на стабильных рынках.

In addition, the University will continue to have graduate students working with them on research projects.

В дополнение, университет будет продолжать сотрудничать со студентами, работающими над исследовательскими проектами.

Задание II. Переведите текст.

The Individual and Society

Most introductory textbooks on Economics begin by posing the question, ‘What is Economics about?’ Although Economics is a vast subject and precise definitions are usually very complex, it is not a difficult matter to give a simple and sensible answer to the basic question. Economics is essentially a study of the ways in which people apply their knowledge, skills, and efforts to the gifts of nature in order to satisfy their material wants.

Economics limits itself to the study of the material aspects of live, and while it is true that man cannot live by bread alone, it is true that he cannot live without it. An underlying problem in economics is that of survival and we must examine how people have solved or are trying to solve this problem. In the more advanced countries this may seem a very remote problem – few people, if any, are conscious of a life or death struggle for existence. In many other countries, however, the continuity of human existence is by no means assured – starvation is a very real prospect for millions of human beings.

Личность и Общество