Образуйте множественное число след. Существительных

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Фрагмент работы:

Контрольная работа № 1

1. Put a, the or ___ into the gaps.

1. It' s very hard to work at night.

2. Have you ever been to the South?

3. When we went out the moon was shining.

4. She loves life.

5. Can I have a cup of tea.

II. Образуйте множественное число след. существительных.

A pen - pens, a man – men, a tooth - teeth, a woman - women, a child - children, a fox - foxes, a box - boxes, a leaf - leaves, a goose - geese, a page - pages, a hotel - hotels, Sunday - Sundays.

Ш.Поставьте слова в нужном порядке

1. I looked at her smiling face.

2 I don’t see anything difficult in it.

3. He and me stopped to hands.

4. Can Ann speak English well?

5. Do you still play the piano?

6. Have you ever been to Florida?

7. Do you know Martin’s sister?

IV. Вычеркните лишнее слово.

1. Ankle, arm, foot, knee.

2. Butter, cheese, yoghurt, bread

3. To move, to go, to run, to stop

4. sunny, snowy, rainy, funny

V. Выберите нужную степень сравнения.

She is much younger than her sister.

He is the best student in our group.