Вариант Ф. Поставьте следующие существительные во множественное число

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Вариант Ф. Поставьте следующие существительные во множественное чи…

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Задания контрольных работ


Задания по грамматике

ЗАДАНИЕ 1. Множественное число имен существительных.

Поставьте следующие существительные во множественное


Пример: book — books, man — men,  

a) boy -  , brick -  , ticket -  , vase -  , taste -  , match -  , cross -  , fox -  , potato -  , army -  , knife -  , woman -  , mouse -  , child -  , deer -  , month -  , river -  , bush -  , airman -  , mistake -  , place -  , ear -  .

ЗАДАНИЕ 2. Притяжательный падеж: имен существительных.

Образуйте   падеж следующих  .

Пример:  , tail —   tail; dog,   — dog's leg  

a) table,   – table’s leg;  , arm –   arm; boy,   – boys book;  , dress –   dress; boys,   – boys’ books;  , house –   house; men,   – men’s glasses;  , legs –   legs; Smith,   – Smith’s car;  , house   house.

ЗАДАНИЕ 3. Типы вопросительных предложений.

Поставьте   типы вопросов к   или выделенным  :

1. Общий вопрос

a) You   read English  .

Can   read English  ?

There is a   in the room.

Is   a man in the  ?

He likes  .

Does he   coffee?

He usually   there by bus.

  he usually go there by  ?

Her   isn't at home  .

Isn’t   sister at home  ?

Paul   send him a  .

Didn’t   send him a  ?

2. Альтернативный вопрос

a) Now   is listening to the  .

Is she   to the radio or to   mp3-player  ?

She   a clever person.

  she a clever or   person?

John   to go to the theatre.

  John like to go to   theatre or cinema?

My   live in London.

Do my   live in London or  ?

Mother   apples and  .

Did my   or father buy   and oranges?

3. Специальный вопрос

a)   lives in a small  .

Where   she live?

I   three cats.

  many cats do I  ?

He spends a   of money on clothes.

  does he spend a   of money on?

He said   he knew the  .

What   he say?

Ann   her work  .

When   Ann finish   work?

4. Разделительный вопрос

a) She   been abroad.

  hasn't been  , has  ?

He doesn't   fishing.

He doesn't   fishing, does he?

  have been   for him   morning.

They   been waiting   him since  , have  ?

He was   of darkness.

He was   of darkness, wasn’t he?

  girl is beautiful.

  girl is beautiful,   she?

ЗАДАНИЕ 4. Времена английского глагола.

Раскройте  , поставив   в правильном времени, и   время глагола.

 : She ( ) this   yesterday. — bought,   Indefinite.

a) Queen   became Queen of   in 1952 (Past  ).

By 11 p.m. he had   home and   he went to bed (  Perfect). They   already done   work.

When   will come to my   tomorrow, I will be   your book (  Indefinite, Future  ). I will   done my homework by   time you   (Future Perfect).   his uncle  , he will   to the station to   a ticket (Present  , Future  ).

Every   she buys   at the backer's (  Indefinite). Will he go to   cinema tomorrow? (  Indefinite) When he   me up yesterday, I was   (Past Indefinite,   Continuous). Where is he  ? (Present  )

He is in the   (Present Indefinite). He is   volleyball with   friends (Present  ). I have   since breakfast   (Present Perfect).

ЗАДАНИЕ 5. Будущее – в - прошлом.

  следующие предложения   придаточные дополнительные. В   главных предложений   следующие: I supposed; He  ; She   sure; We were  ; I heard;   said; He understood.

 : My brother   be sleeping. — I supposed   my brother would be  , a) They   win the  .

I believed   they would   the game.

I   have done it by 9  .

I was   I would have   it by 9 o’clock.

My friends   be waiting for me.

I   told that my   would be waiting   me.

I shall be late.

I   I would be late.

We   not pick   the apples in   days.

We were   that we wouldn’t   all the   in three days.

ЗАДАНИЕ 6. Согласование времен.

  данные предложения в прошедшем  . Пример: My   says he has   come back. — My   said he had   come back

a) He   he spent a fortnight in   Caucasus.

He said it he   spent a fortnight in   Caucasus.

He says it   him a lot of  .

He said it   done him a   of good.

He says he   better now.

He   he felt better  .

He says   wife and he   lying on the   almost all


He said   wife and he   been lying on   beach all   day.

He says he is   to the hotel to   his friends,   have

just   in Moscow.

He said he   going to the   to see his  , who   just come in  .

ЗАДАНИЕ 7. Much, many, (a) little, (a) few.

Вставьте  , many,  , few, a  , a few.

a) He   few English   at home, so he had to go to   brary for   books.

She   him a little   to wash his   and face.   like to say a   words about my  . After   play everybody   a little tired.   stay here   longer: it is such a   place.


1. My name is Fedorov Anton Sergeevitch. I’m 21. I was born in Suzun. I finished the secondary school №2 there. After finishing the school served in Army of marine. When turned back from the Army I moved to  . There I   begun to work as a   representative and   I entered the   an Economy Institute.

2. My family consists of 4 members: my mother, my father and two younger brothers. I love my family very much, especially my mum – Galina Nikolaevna. My father’s name is Sergey Ivanovich. He is a builder. My   brothers: Peter   Egor are   children, but I   them very  .

3. In Iskitim I rent a flat. There are 2 rooms in my flat. In one of the rooms I have a personal mini-gym. There are run track, bicycle and dumbbells. When I have free time I prefer to go in for sports, because   is a guarantee of success.

4. Meal.

We   that tastes of   are different.   is actual for   of food as well. As   me, I prefer balanced   diet, which   all nutritious  . I like  , fish,  , especially   with fresh  . I don’t   fat foods.   I have free   I like to cook   dish from   books, but I   try to make it  .

(перевод: Мы  , что у   людей разные  . Это   и в выборе еды.   касается меня, я   сбалансированный здоровый  , который   в себе все   ингредиенты. Я люблю  , рыбу,  , особенно   из свежих овощей. Я не   жирную пищу.   у меня есть   время я люблю   что-нибудь по   из кулинарной книги, но я   стараюсь готовить   пищу.).

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